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Following two very quiet years due to the Covid 19, Claire has begun taking occasional speaker bookings again. Any profits from book sales and speaker fees are donated to local charities or community groups. 


June    (24th) Stroke Association (Private Event)

             (16th) Sussex Day Poem The Pelham (Public Event) 

August (13th) Treaty Signing Re-enactment (Public Event) 

November (21st) Sidley Friendship Group (Private Event) 

December (3rd) Book Sales at Coghurst Elf Day 


February (2nd) Sainsbury Veteran Group (Private Event)

March (24th) Stroke Association (Private Event)  

April (2nd) Coronation Bandstand Launch (Public Event)

June (16th) Sussex Day Poem at St Barnabas (Public Event)

August (20th) Poetry at Bandstand for Bexhill Day (Public Event)

             (22nd) CS Retirement Club   

September (5th) CSMA (Private Event)

October (2nd) Ladies Who Lunch (Private Event)

               (25th) Writers' Cafe at Wickham Bistro (Public Event) 

November (21st) Writers' Workshop at Bandstand (Public Event)


Jan 25th Burns Night Event Manor Barn (Ticket only)

Feb 7th Coghurst Open Mic (Owners and guests only)

        (15th) NFOP (Private Event)

March (22nd) Medieval Banquet Manor Barn (Public Event Ticket Only) 

May (9th) Writers' Cafe at Wickham Bistro (Public Event Ticket Only) 

        (24th) Stroke Association (Private Event)   

June (19th) Evening Event in St Leonards (Ticket only)

         (22nd) Verses and Vocals at Bandstand (Free Public Event)

August (6th) CMSA (Private Event)

            (17th) Re-enactment of signing of Bixlei Treaty at Bandstand ( Free Public Event)

Nov (21st) NFOP (Private Event)    


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